Comments on poetry

Comments on Poetry

I would like to share some experiences around poetry that I have had. I attended the Gerald B Dodge Poetry Festival some 10 plus years ago for the first time and I was completely overcome with the sounds of poetry, the voice of the poets, the impact of poems on emotions and thoughts and the interaction of the poet with the audience.

I brought home lots of books of poetry and read them often. But, some thing was missing. I have narrowed it down to three things, which are: 1) hearing the words out loud, hearing the human voice as part of the process of experiencing a poem. 2) finding poems that spoke to me, that they were in a language that I could relate to and 3) sharing the experience of poetry with others.

When I started writing my own poetry and sharing it with others I was able to give voice to my words and set them free. My poems often satisfy a need for simplicity that I often have and I understand that my poems might not speak to anyone else but what I do hope to do is inspire you to find poetry that does speak to you, whether from others or from inside your own heart and soul.

The white bird has flown
My heart still feels a presence
Watching the branch sway

Darkness absorbs us
Even silence has a sound
Everyone has heard

Cold mixed with light
Across the blue and shadowed snow
My thoughts linger there

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