the inner tide


The following is an excerpt from an interview of a Catholic priest in a book called Leading from within by San Intrator and Megan Scribner.  but, it could of just as easily been by a monk, a teacher, a parent, a coach or a writer and the list goes on….:

I had become a priest to make a difference and I did not see it happening.  I tried to carry a message that joy, happiness, and life come from within us.  Yet the message of the world and TV is that joy comes from the outside and happiness comes from things.  It is hard to compete, and I was not coping: I felt no hope.

In this low point, I realized two things.  God was closer to me when I was low then when I was in control.  When I was at my worst, I was very close to being at my best.  God was close and that presence was what I needed.

People are always searching for God.  They talk about it; they write books about it.  William Blake believed that imagination was a surer guide to truth than reason or common sense.  The sources of life are within us, in our imagination.  We only have to see rightly.

My calling is not to teach but to model.  I realized that if I could stay intensely alive, I could show others the way.    —-  James O’ Leary

Many poets show us the way, they inspire us.

the inner tide–

what moon does it follow?

I wait for a poem

Diane di Prima

Thomas Menton said, “our real journey in life is interior…” , to protect and revere the imagination, our creative space, this is a part of our life’s journey.

Can you not see the moon shining over the moving tides?

Di Prima said about haiku, ” …its been all about spaciousness, vastness in the fewest possible strokes.  Images.  Letting the breath open the sky.”

Poetry allows the heart to imagine and speak to others.

Vicki,  December 20th 2009

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