Haiku study

The gull
giving loneliness


Loneliness is a universal feeling, we are born alone and we spend a life time trying to find ways to feel connected. Haiku is often a medium to express universal feelings, a way to express our cry. Haiku is also a way to connect with nature and with a higher power. Possibly the answer to loneliness?

It’s a life time quest. Loneliness changes form as we journey through life. Find your way to face loneliness and you will develop a strength that will be with you for a life time.

Finding ways to create a deep meaningful relationship with the natural world and a higher power, has helped many to be centered and find their inner strength. We let the business of the world, of keeping up, of finding our careers, our soul mates, of connecting with others, to keep us from doing the inner work.

Each time you hear the call, turn inside and do the real work. Let the challenge transform you.

In the mountain village
The wind rustles the leaves.
Deep in the night, the deer
Cry out beyond the edge of dreams.


Vicki, Oct 17, 2009

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