Release your Inner Peacock

Zahid Niaz - picture

Zahid Niaz - picture

If only human beings could … be more reverent toward their own fruitfulness…our enjoyment of it is so indescribably beautiful and rich only because it is full of inherited memories of the engendering and birthing of millions.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Rilke is one of my favorite poets. He looks very long and deeply at his subject.

Do you have inspiration for your day?  for your projects?  Ask yourself what can I bring to the table to add an element to this experience.  The creative process has dimensions that can be brought to the table.  For dance, you want to think about using all your space, to have rhythms, small movements, vibrating movements, large movements, quick and slow movements, you want to play with using different parts of your body, using sounds and silence and then color, costume, props and set.  You can think of what will go into what ever project you are working on and are you using all the elements that can be used?  Maybe pick three to start with and see how they can interconnect and work into art, or poetry or any project that needs to be completed.  Then think of all the elements possible for that medium and is there anything that you want to add.  You can do this for designing your day and your moments too.  You bring to the table your choice of elements and then all your history and the eons of generations of your heritage and the creative spirit that is in all of us.

each leaf touches a note

the wind rustles through the leaves

I am watching music

Create all your moments and create in all your moments.

Vicki,  November 21st 2009

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