If I lie down, I’ll be done for

If I lie down,
I’ll be done for
an ailing animal
staying standing all day long

It’s been that kind of day in the world, my dear

Ko Un

Lingering winter snow is a holy thing
all bare of leaves
stand hesitating
never lying–by not even a single word

I boldly go past this place

Ko Un

Somehow these poems say it better then anything I could say. And that is the point, find poems to express your feelings no matter what they are. Better yet, let the poem come from within and write it down. Everything doesn’t go right, great challenges come our way or to our loved ones. Letting your heart find the words helps in the healing process. Reading poetry our loud can release what we didn’t even know was inside but needed releasing. Reading and writing poetry has a way of showing the way towards leading a poetic life.

One day
there was no one I could ask the way
so I set off
where a long pine branch was pointing

and found that the right direction

Ko Un

Thoughts by Vicki, Dec 4 2009

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